Dr. Peda Veerraju MD DM

Head of the Department, Gastroenterology, Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai, INDIA

“For the last 2 years we are using this product, and we found it very use full and user friendly.“ "After sales service is extremely good. Specifically we are very happy with after sales support." “Tru-solutions is a company which is really taking care of our needs very promptly. Seven more installations in visakhapatnam during last two years testifies that this is a very good product” “ I suggest you to buy this product for your organization and you will be never disappointed.”

Dr. Ajay P Choksi, DM(GE), DNB(GE), MD(GE)

Head of the Department, Gastroenterology, Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai, INDIA

"This software is probably the most versatile software I have seen, I have used for any other endoscopy software" "You imagine a thing that you could do in giving the final report of the endoscopic procedure, in the form of printout or CD. And these people have been around you to materialize." "They literally translate your dream about giving the reports in your final printouts" "The bottom line is I am very happy with this software"



Dr. Murali Krishna, MD, DM

Prof & Head of the Department, Gastroenterology, KGH Hospita & Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam, INDIA

“This is really good, This is suppose to be one of the best software for endoscopic prints. Because it has highest resolution of more than 700DPI.” “It is very easy to record, it occupiest less space on hard drive, and you can move these videos to another folder” “I never had any problem with service, I just need to give them a small query and they will answer us very quickly on internet”

Dr. Nabhojit Roy, MS(Bom)

Head of the Department, Surgery, BARC Hospital, Mumbai, INDIA

" I think I looked at, about 17 softwares from various companies, And I have tried all of them out and I was essentially dissatisfied." "I am using Medi-scope since 2 years. And it is really good. it is very easy to operate and it had very good backend." "In fact I must admit that the software hardly ever failed during 2 years of usage. It just worked smoothly without any trouble. so we rarely needed after sales support" "And they have been giving us excellent support."



Dr. B. Ravi Shankar MD, DNB, DM

Head of the department Gastroenterology, Yashoda Hospital Hyderabad, INDIA

“ I am almost the first user of this software. I found it excellent, I got it installed in various hospital, where ever I used to go “ “ I am very happy that this software is being used now, all over the country"

Dr. B. Prabhakar MD, DM

HOD & Professor, Gastroenterology, Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad, INDIA

“ It is very good, they come up with new updates with new ideas, and these ideas are really supportive to us” “ Staff is also very co operative, when ever we call them they will attend immediately” “ We are not only able to take still images, We are also able to record video clips, and these clips can be further edited for our presentations, when we go for lectures.” “ I strongly recommend to all new comers to use this Mediscope. It is really useful.”



Dr. Nagabhushanam, MD DM(AIIMS)

Consultant, Gastroenterology, Nagarjuna Hospital, Vijayawada, AP, INDIA

“I find vast difference in what softwares I have used before and Mediscope. It is very user friendly” “The advantage is we can easily record the video with excellent clarity, we can enlarge, we can do many adjustments according to the requirement” “From Mediscope we can also record a VCD” “So far we never had crash of this software, it is working excellently well, and it is suitable with types of endoscopy systems including Olympus, fujinon, pentax etc., “

Dr. Ejaz Habeeb, MD DM (AIIMS)

Asst Professor, Gastroenterology, Owaisi Hospital, Wockhardt Hospital, Hyderabad, INDIA.

“ I have found that, this software is of a first most superior quality, when compare to other softwares in endoscopy imaging. “ “ The patient’s feedback, when the see the images of their diagnosis, recorded in MediScope, when we explain them, they are able to understand their problems easily. “ “ The encouraging aspect of MediScope software is, that the supportive staff of Tru-solutions. “They are very prompt in their services.”



Dr. Rajesh Kumar, MS, MCh

Asst Professor, Neurosurgery, NRI General Hospital & Medical College, Guntur, AP, INDIA

“We found it really comfortable to attach a camera and record all our micro neuro surgeries.“ “Images can be demonstrated simultaneously on a computer in operating room. In a teaching institute this is always helpful for students to grasp the surgery” “Biggest advantage of this software is video editing. A two hours surgery can also be edited into a five minutes interesting clip”

Dr. Asha Subbalakshmi MD, DM

Asst Professor, Gastroenterology, Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad, INDIA

“We are using this system since 2003 “ “It is very user friendly system, and makes data retrieval very easy.” “ It also gives you an idea, the number of cases you have done in particular month or any other parameter.



Dr. Krishna Kishore Reddy, MD, DM

Managing Director, Cardiology, DBR & Sigma Group of Hospitals, Hyderabad, INDIA

“ We are using Medi-Scan for the past 6 years. It is very customer friendly, not a complicated software.” “We are using it in all of our centers across the AP State “ “If you look into our “ Echo Report”, is one of the good report that we have simply by adding photo quality paper to Medi-Scan software” “Very rarely we call them for after sales support, As such software never gave us any problem, unless if we have some problem with our computer system due to power failure or anyother hardware issues.” “ In fact in some of our centers, I have not seen them for years “

Dr. Girinath, MD, DM

Asst Professor, Gastroenterology, KGH Hospita & Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam, INDIA

“It is really wonderful in its technical advancements.“ “I feel it very comfortable and user friendly” “The image resolution is so good that I can send video or images to any other international publications, which is quite help full.” “I think this is the best software till now I have seen” "



Dr. E. Ramanjaneyulu MD, DM

Head of the department, Gastroenterology, Kamineni Hospital, Hyderabad, INDIA

“ I found it very easy to operate, when compare to other medical image management softwares “ “ You can generate your report, the way to want to have. I found it very useful because the reporting pattern should not be monotonous. “ “Image & Video editing is very easy. You don’t require any other person having experience in this, you can do it with your own.” “ If there is any problem, they rectify it in a minute of so, on phone “ “ I am taking advantage of it, and I also suggest my colleague endoscopists to take advantage of it.”

Mr. Sreenivas

Director, Medical Lab, Diagnostic Services, S.L.Diagnostics Pvt., Ltd., Hyderabad, INDIA

“eLab is a comprehensive software, which involves not only billing and reporting, but is also userfriendly “ “ eLab has really helped SL Diagnostics to grow in a very big way” “ Most importantly we have benefited by elab, for marketing purpose “ “eLab has features, where in corporate business, retail business is tracked parallel, And a day’s business can be translated into its format knowing exactly from which company, institution or doctor, over all business has come” “As far as reporting concern, you have number of formats, you can create number of formats with report designing option.” “As far as accounts concern for everything that is being done in the software, there is a particular summary report, which gives us the exact details of the transaction “ “ eLab has more than 20 different formats of summary reports, which are useful for the management, If you look at each individual report, you can get such a valuable information “ “ Software is such a quite good, we don’t have frequent breakdown. Most of the problem arise would be from hardware side.” “ Their service is very good. Even on Sundays or any other holidays support staff attends immediately” “ I have seen one or two softwares other than eLab, and they are not any where upto the mark if you compare with eLab” “Definitely eLab is one of the best software presently available in the industry, And Tru-solutions is doing a best job.“



Mr. Srikanth

Owner, Medical Diagnostic services, SQL Labs, Vijayawada, APi, INDIA

“We are totally using four licenses. It is user friendly and it does not require much computer orientation.” “Most of the templates are pre designed. Just values need to be substituted and you can designed your own templates” “I have seen one or two softwares. I think this the best software I have come across.”