Tru-Solutions’ is a Medical Software Products & Solutions provider. TS has provided software solutions over a decade to variously sized, type, and category of healthcare organizations. TS clients range from individual clinics, private, corporate and government hospitals.

TS believes in two fundamental principles (1) Simple and (2) Reliable that it considers contribute towards sustainability and success of any Software Product.

Firm reliance on these 2 principles has been the foundation for the development of software products of TS and have shaped the efficacy of the products (1) Simple: ready-to-use & ease-of-use software; shortest implementation & training cycle (2) Reliable: stable with 98% uptime and scalable high performance computing application meeting the user needs.

The software products of TS have achieved Qualitative-Leadership among the solutions in the specific market segment of the medical field that TS operates. Tru-Solutions has proven its qualitative primacy with over 1500 installations across the healthcare spectrum of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra etc in India and also into International Healthcare markets such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Ghana, Canada etc.

The Medical Software products have persistently improved over a period of 10 years and are continuing to evolve. Software products of TS could attain quality-leadership only on account of constant feed-back obtained from the medical specialists, gastroenterologists, radiologists, sonologists, laparoscopic surgeons, otolaryngologists (ENT), pulmonologists, urologists, gynaecologists, healthcare & lab administrators and even the end-user operators..

Tru-Solutions supplies (I) Medical Image Management Software and (II) Diagnostic or Medical Lab Management Software.

Value System of Tru-Solutions

  1. Always develop & provide products or services on the foundational doctrine of simple & reliable solutions.
  2. Our customers will determine our value. We shall have firm commitment to customer service.
  3. We shall uphold honesty and integrity in all business relationships.
  4. Technology is a tool to be utilized to meet business goals, not a goal in itself.